5 Ways Custom Bubbleheads Make Unique Birthday Gifts

Are you looking for a unique gift idea? If you have a "hard to buy for" person in your life, custom bobbleheads are a fun option which will leave them smiling. Here are 5 reasons why custom bobbleheads make unique birthday presents.

1. You can use your own photos for your custom bobbleheads

What makes this gift idea truly unique is that you can upload your own photos. The designs are original and sculpted by experienced artists. Your bobblehead can have a face which looks just like your recipient. This is a memento they will keep forever. Choose between men, women, couples, families or kids. If you prefer, you can even go for their favorite superhero or sports star. In addition, there are options for military, office, music and wedding bobbleheads. There is something available for everyone and the hardest thing will be deciding which one to choose!

2. Choose different sizes, styles and clothing

These are fully customizable so you can get the look just right. You can select from different heights and pick their eye color. If you like you can add optional extras such as hats and glasses. One thing is for sure, the design process is fun filled! What are their hobbies? You can have different outfits and accessories to suit their interests. For example, if they play hockey you can get their face on the Hockey Player design.

3. They will have never received anything like it

If you give a custom bobblehead it will be something they have never received before. This is going to be the talk of the party, and will be the quirkiest gift they get for their birthday this year. Every time they see their head bob, bob, bobbling they will smile as they think of you. This is one present they won't be reselling on eBay.

4. You can even do their cat or dog

Custom bobbleheads are not just for humans! You can have replicas of pets created too. They use the same creative process, and your recipient will get a giggle out of seeing their furry friend bobbling their little head. Cats and dogs can be a standard design based on common breeds, or fully customized to look more accurate. They can also have hats and glasses if you want to add a little bit of flair to them. Why not make an entire bobblehead family? Including the beloved pets!

5. You can include a message

You can add text to the base, or to clothing for a personalized touch. While this is a fun and unique idea - it can be sentimental too. Say something funny, or something heartfelt. The choice is yours! If you are looking for a birthday gift idea which is a little bit different, custom bobbleheads are definitely worth checking out! We ship worldwide and a custom bobblehead will take 4-6 weeks to create. Do you know anyone with a birthday coming up? What do you think of our bobbleheads? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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