Shipping Info

[Ship outside the U.S.]

We take international orders everyday and ship all over the world via DHL, FedEx or TNT.

[No shipping time is guaranteed]

As each piece is hand sculpted, we cannot guarantee when your custom bobblehead doll is to be completed but in most cases we meet the time line of customer selection.

We send photos to you during production for approval. Ensure emails are not in any spam folders. Delays of approvals or changes if requested to the proof can add additional time to any time line. 

Yes Bobbleheads orders depend on the sculpting process and the shipping method you selected during the checkout process. See below for additional information on what those timelines are.

[Sculpting Process Timelines]
Economic Sculpting (4-6 weeks)
Standard Sculpting (3-4 weeks)[+$20.00 USD]
Fast Sculpting (2-3 weeks)[+$40.00 USD]
Faster Sculpting (1-2 weeks)[+$60.00 USD]
Fastest Sculpting with Internal Proofing (<1 week)[+$100.00 USD]

[Shipping Cost]

Category All Countries
Single Custom Bobblehead $19.99 USD
Single Head to Toe Custom Bobblehead $29.99 USD
Couple Custom Bobblehead $29.99 USD
Couple Head to Toe Custom Bobblehead $39.99 USD
Family Custom Bobblehead $39.99 USD

*Note: $4.99 USD or $9.99 USD shipping fee only applies to promotional items.