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[How does the custom bobblehead process work?]

Choose your body from one of our stock designs or a completely custom body doll;

Describe how your custom bobbleheads will look & submit photos;

Receive proofs of the dolls & make unlimited rounds of changes;

Approve your custom bobbleheads once you are happy with your proofs;

That's it. We pack it. We ship it.


[How long does the custom bobblehead process take?]

Normally, it would take 4-6 weeks for the sculpture & painting work for the custom bobblehead. We will send out emails for proofing to our customers so make sure there's no delay in responding to our proofs which will definitely speed up the whole process. However, if you're in a rush, you can select faster sculpture methods and your custom bobblehead can be done and delivered to you within 1 week.


[What payment methods do you accept?]

We currently accept payments from PayPal and all major credit cards.


[How to pay my order with Credit Card?]

We accept credit card payments, you can choose "Credit Card" option for the payment method when you are placing your order.  You can also find more instructions here if you'd like to pay the order through PayPal. Alternatively, you can submit payment by your credit or debit card online directly here after you've placed your order.


[Do you ship to outside of USA?]

Yes, we do. We ship to countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Germany etc. We ship to worldwide destinations.


[What is the shipping cost?]

Category All Countries
Single Custom Bobblehead $19.99 USD
Single Head to Toe Custom Bobblehead $29.99 USD
Couple Custom Bobblehead $29.99 USD
Couple Head to Toe Custom Bobblehead $39.99 USD
Family Custom Bobblehead $39.99 USD

*Note: $4.99 USD or $9.99 USD shipping fee only applies to promotional items.

[Which carrier do you use for shipping?]

We ship the custom bobblehead via DHL (US & Canada) & TNT (rest of the world).

[Why am I being charged tax?]

It's either state sales tax or import sales tax for international order, such as: Australian GST on low value imported goods.

[Why my coupon code couldn't be redeemed successfully?]

First of all, you need to make sure that your coupon code has not yet expired. Next, double check to make sure if the coupon code is only good for a specific product:

If you have Custom Single Head to Toe Bobblehead code, it is only good for this product: Custom Bobblehead Doll: Single Fully Customized Bobblehead

If you have Custom Couple Head to Toe Bobbleheads code, it is only good for this product: Custom Bobblehead Doll: Couple Fully Customized Bobblehead

[What is the difference between the standard body bobblehead and the fully customized head to toe bobblehead?]

The standard body bobblehead comes with a pre-made body, we cannot change the clothing style or body pose for it. However, we do can modify the clothing and shoe color, add numbers or logos to the clothing, and we can also add small items or pets to the base. If you want to fully customize your bobblehead, you can go with our fully customized head to toe bobblehead instead.

[What is "Proofing"?]

This is the interaction between the customer and the artist in which customer must give the approval on the custom made bobblehead prior to shipping. This communication process is done via email soon after the purchase of most custom bobbleheads (except those where customer selected 'Fastest' for a sculpting option).


[When is there a proofing process?]

Proofing is available to you on all standard body bobbleheads and fully customizable bobbleheads with 'Standard' Sculpting and 'Fast' Sculpting options. Proofing is not available on our 'Fastest' Sculpting option because of the time the proofing process adds to the production schedule. Please keep in mind that the ship date of your doll is directly affected by the amount of changes required on your bobblehead.


[What should I do if there is a problem or if I want to change my order?]

At Yes Bobbleheads, we strive our best to accommodate your needs. If any changes need to be made, contact us immediately by emailing us at: sales@yesbobbleheads.com


[Can I return my bobblehead for a refund?]

Our goal is to make a great custom bobblehead that will be the highlight of your birthday party, father's day, wedding or retirement party. We want you to have 100% comfort in buying from us that your investment in a custom bobblehead is well spent. Because of this, we've put in place our "satisfaction guarantee" which offers our customers the following:

We will make unlimited rounds of changes to these dolls, based on the comments you provide to us. Customers may request a no question asked replacement doll if they are not satisfied with their original doll for an additional charge of $39 USD per piece plus $15 USD shipping fee which is a total cost of $54 USD.


[What if I want to have my bobblehead re-clayed or re-remodeled by using another main photo?]

Yes, we can do that. There is cost of $29 USD for each head, $20 USD for each customized body of re-claying/re-modeling from scratch though.

[What if I want to cancel during the claying stage?]

We are OK to make unlimited times of changes for our customers. However, if the customer does want to cancel during the claying stage, there will be a charge of $19 USD for each head, $10 USD for each customized body.

[What if I want to cancel during the painting stage?]

We are OK to make unlimited times of changes for our customers. However, if the customer does want to cancel during the painting stage, there will be a charge of $39 USD for each head, $20 USD for each customized body.

[What if my bobblehead is off base?]

You can use the 502 super glue to stick the bobblehead to the base, it should work for you perfectly.

[What if my bobblehead is totally broken when I receive it?]

We are able to make a new replacement bobblehead which is an exact duplicate of your current bobblehead free of charge, however, customers are obligated for the shipping cost of the new duplicate,  $15 USD for a single bobblehead and $25 USD for a couple bobblehead. More details here.

[How does Yes Bobbleheads protect my information?]

Orders placed with Yes Bobbleheads are made using a secure server, on a secure page. The secure server (SSL) encrypts your information before sending to Yes Bobbleheads. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

[Any more questions?]

Please contact customer service email: service@yesbobbleheads.com