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Zwecks Datenschutz, werden wir nur die Puppe veröffentlichen. Ich wählte von Kopf bis Fuß und männlich. Es ist eine hervorragende Arbeit geworden, die Ähnlichkeit zu meinem Mann ist wirklich hervorragend. Selbst Fragen, Änderungen oder Wünsche, wurden dem Mitarbeiter, Brad nie zu viel.Er beantwortete jede E-Mail von mir, spätestens am anderen Morgen. Herr Brad und auch die anderen Mitarbeiter waren stets sehr freundlich, hilfsbereit und scheuten keiner Mühe. Unsere Gäste, waren bei Besichtigung auch total über diese Ähnlichkeit, verblüfft, wie die Mitarbeiter diese Puppe gewerkelt haben. Es ist eine besondere Leistung, wie die Mitarbeiter mit ihren Händen einen Menschen in Form einer Puppe kopieren.  Als nächstes habe ich unseren Hund in Auftrag gegeben.



Zwecks Datenschutz, werden wir die Figur nur leicht unkenntlich veröffentlichen. Wir hatten unsere Puppe- von Kopf bis Fuß und ein Mann gewählt. Die Puppe ist sehr gut geworden. Auch die Kleidung wurde Original nachgearbeitet und auch korrekt bemalt. Es ist eine hervorragende Arbeit. Die Mitarbeiter und ich hatten einen regen E-Mail Schriftverkehr. Alle Fragen, Änderungen oder Wünsche wurden ohne eine Problem erledigt. Unsere Gäste sind immer sehr begeistert und finden auch diese Ähnlichkeit sagenhaft. Man sollte daran denken, dass diese Puppen mit den Händen gefertigt werden. Es ist eine Handarbeit von Kopf bis Fuß. Hochachtung für diese Mitarbeiter, die diese Puppen auf so kleine Köpfe und Figuren so perfekt von Hand fertigen. Es ist wirklich eine tolle Leistung!!!::::: Als nächstes lasse ich unseren Hund fertigen. Ende Dezember - Anfang Januar werde ich ihn mit Foto veröffentliche.


Michelle Duggan

I could not be more happy with the whole process of creating this little "mini me" for my partner's birthday. I asked for revisions (bigger hair) and forgot to ask for something (earrings) and it was added later for me. Nothing was too much trouble and I looked forward excitedly to the proofs arriving. The likeness is uncanny! He loved it so much and I am sure I will be ordering more in the future. Thank you so much!!



Amazing service! You get update at each stage of the process so I was able to get an idea of what needs to be done and what it looks like during the process! Had issue with postage by post office but Brad from customer service has been amazing and helping me with it!


Natasha Calafate

We were very impressed with the quality and likeness. Customer service was a breeze and very professional. Well done! Keep up the good work!


Astrid Vogeler

You will hardly believe it, there is a knock on the door at noon this afternoon: There is a Chinese (hard to believe!) and brings our figure. Now he (not the Chinese man) stands on our commode and can be given away the day after tomorrow. In the background you can see a report of the local Kieler newspaper about the typhoon in Hongkong Look at the fotos! Many Thanks again!


Emma Ledezma

Here you'll find the picture of the bobble head you created for us. They came out great and everyone loved them!


Allan Ides

Here's my copy of bobble head for Justice Byron R. White. I thought this was a good match!


Tammi Mager

Really was a great hit! Our Air Force graduate seemed to really like it! He's very humble and I think he was a little taken aback 😉 Everyone at the party loved it!! We will be doing this over and over for our loved ones’ celebrations! Such a unique, personalized gift! Thanks for everything Yes To Bobbleheads! I look forward to giving my other nephew his tomorrow!


Bill Weber

I finally got some pictures of my friend and his bobblehead. It was a huge hit. - Bill


Marilyne de FRANCE

Bonjour, Je vous présente ma fille Alexis et son mini elle 😁 Merci beaucoup A bientôt Marilyne de FRANCE


Andrew Cundy

Great customer service - helpful and accommodating- quick email replies to queries. Regular updates on progress and opportunities to accept or decline at each stage. Finished product is an outstanding piece of work and will be treasured for the rest of our lives. Finally the product was delivered very quickly!


Michael Baumer

Here you go. Photo of nephew with his gift! He was very pleased with this unique Xmas gift, thanks a lot for your hard work man. :)


Val OConnor

Gave it to my husband today, Big hit! Thank you so much. I decided not to paint different clothes on them, just added our dogs and a larger base. It is so cute! Thanks again. You do beautiful work! Merry Christmas! Val


Paola Balthazar from Australia

Great work! They were a hit!!! Thanks again for your help and happy holidays to you all.


Paola Balthazar from Australia

Great work! They were a hit!!! Thanks again for your help and happy holidays to you all.


Paola Balthazar from Australia

Great work! They were a hit!!! Thanks again for your help and happy holidays to you all.


Paola Balthazar from Australia

Great work! They were a hit!!! Thanks again for your help and happy holidays to you all.


Roxanne Barsamian

This bobblehead was for my boss. We had one made for Christmas and he loved it. But unfortunately it was lost. So for Bosses Day we gave him a new one and he was thrilled!



Hi there, Our friend LOVED his bobblehead and it looks sooo much like him!! You did such a fantastic job and the customer service was fantastic too. Thank you so much :)