Damage Claim

As we try to avoid damages with extreme care for our packing, sometimes damage can occur.  All claims for shipping damage must be filed by the recipient in writing with Yes Bobbleheads within 3 business days of receipt, including sending digital photos of the damaged product, box and packing material used to us at: service@yesbobbleheads.com

We won't be liable for any damages which has not been reported within 3 business days of receipt. 

All our custom bobbleheads are carefully packaged for shipment in approved packing boxes along with one or more of the following: 
  • Custom fitted styrofoam
  • Clam shell inserts   
  • Bobble wrap

Yes Bobbleheads will remake the damaged custom bobblehead for customers free of charge if breakage was caused during the shipping process. However, customers are obligated for the shipping cost of the new duplicate,  $15 for a single bobblehead and $25 for a couple bobblehead. We will ship the replacement product to the customer as soon as possible, normally within 1-2 weeks. We will also send out proof to customers for the new replacement doll before shipping out.

If the photos do not show us a clear damage we will probably ask for a clearer photo instead. If the damage is very slight and a replacement is requested, we will probably need new photos of the item being completely destroyed which shows totally broken head and body so that it cannot be repaired anymore. Once we have this photo, we can start the replacement process.
In the event that you receive a damaged custom bobblehead, we will not be able to offer any refund or credit.  We will replace the item for as specified above. It is possible for the anticipated timeline of receipt to be missed, we have no guarantees. All timelines are approximate.

Payment for the shipping fee can be submitted online here: https://www.yesbobbleheads.com/make-payment with your order # and corresponding currency and amount, thanks!

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