Proof Process

Head Proof: Is to show you the facial contour and how the hair is being molded.During this stage you can help ensure that the dolls features including Lips, mouth, nose, eyes, shape, chin, cheeks (facial hair if applicable), shape and style of hair and all parts complete are exactly as you want before the head is approved.     

Body Proof: On full custom orders, we will provide body proofs.We go by the description written and selected on your order form.During this phase we can make slight changes to the body position and clothing type if needed.Major changes to position or clothing will result in additional sculpting fees. 

If our client at this stage is not happy, we can offer a few suggestions:

1. Try to recolor the head - modification of colors can make a large difference to the outcome

2. Order is considered complete.We will simply send the doll to you.This is used in the event we propose the solutions and our client is not willing to accept any.  At this time, no further adjustments are being requested and the refusal to resculpt the previously approved head leaves us the only solution - which is to send the doll and consider the job complete.  Our orders are custom made to order.During the checkout procedure, we set forth terms and agreements on our no return policy and time line policy.  This is mandatory and agreed to by our clients in order to place their order.Therefore, we have no choice to consider the order complete and mail the item.

3.Refusal of a mailed item: In the event the job defaults to become complete and we send the item.Our clients have the right to refuse delivery and turn it back to the sender.If this happens, we will receive the doll back but it does not cancel the terms of the order set forth during the checkout.  If a order is returned to us.We will hold it for 30 days.We can resend the order to the client with a written request - a shipping fee will be added before shipment over the listed order as we already spent the shipping money on the first attempt.