Bobblehead Sizes

By default our custom bobblehead dolls are about 7 inches tall. This is following the industry standard.

During the online design process, you can choose the size you would like.

7 inches
9 inches
12 inches
16 inches
Larger size by request

It is important to understand the following: a 9 inch doll compared to a 7 inch doll is not just 2 inches higher. The entire proportion of the doll is larger making it wider as well as higher. This holds true with all sizes. Some of our pieces are either on the ground sitting or in a car. These are not true to the size you select. They will be proportional based on the pose and end up smaller overall.

Base sizes

Most bases are as follows (some with exception)

Circular - usually 3 inches - 3.25 inches round. About 1/2 inch high
Square - usually 3.5 inches square. About 1/2 inch high
Rectangular - usually 3 inches by 4 inches. About 1/2 inch high
Custom bases will vary depending on what is requested by customer

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