Best Game of Thrones Hand-Made Bobbleheads For Your Collection

Well, your favourite Game of Thrones series might have ended but they don’t have to go away from your life yet. From Jon Snow, who knows nothing, to Arya Stark, who knew all men, must die; Game of Thrones has taken over the minds of the young generation all over the world. If you are one such fan, it is imperative that you get yourself a miniature version of your favourite character. Hand-made bobbleheads based on the Game of Thrones theme can be a great addition to your collection. 

Here is a list of every Game of Thrones bobblehead you can own for an amazing collection.

1-The Night King:

While no one is a fan of the Night King, your will surely agree than Game of Thrones and its excitement is nothing without this not-so-dead villain. If you are planning a collection for Game of Thrones characters, having the Night King is imperative. While you can go with the classic blue shaded demonic eyed Night King, hand-made bobbleheads allow you a chance to experiment as well. You can have your Night King riding the dragon named Viserion. Best yet, you can get a combination of the two as bobbleheads. 

2-Daenerys (Mother of Dragons):

How about a white-headed fighter who is also the mother of dragons? Daenerys Targaryen is an important part of this impeccable TV series who led an entire tribe, slaves, and other followers to take over King’s Landing. Get your very owner mini-Daenerys and flaunt an amazing collection wanted by many but owned by none. Not just that, you can add in a bit of cartoonistic element to your hand-made bobbleheads by ordering figurines with big eyes that look somewhat like anime characters. 

3-Jon Snow:

From the Jon Snow to Aegon Targaryen, this character has been an absolute favourite of many series lovers. From his dreamy eyes to a fanciful visionary look in his face, Jon Snow is absolutely adorable given his role and character. You can easily customize this character for your collection. You can either get it made as a representative for the “Wall” or show him as the much deserved king of the Iron Throne. And yes, do not forget to ask your hand-made bobbleheads customized with his signature sword that killed a lot many.

4-Tyrion Lannister:

Known as the Elf, this character wasn’t appreciated as much at the start. However, the character developed slowly and steady gaining a positive impression over the viewers and they ended up loving him by the end. When your order hand-made bobbleheads, make sure you ask for the signature scar mark for the Tyrion Lannister figurine. Whether you love your Tyrion Lannister figurine with beard or you love him with a clean look, you can ask for the same from any reputed makers for custom bobbleheads. You can also customize it and add any other important elements that make your figurine a unique one.

5-Arya Stark:

The one with many faces or Arya Stark started as a small little girl with ambitions to become the best in everything. Arya Stark is a favourite of every teen who would want to be a brave warrior in future. If you are one such warrior in the making, make sure you add the Arya Stark hand-made bobbleheads into your collection. You can add a glamour quotient to your Arya figurine or add her favourite sword “Needle” to the entire bobblehead setup. Make sure you provide the best picture of Arya Stark to your choice for Bobblehead makers. 

6-Khal Drogo:

Even if the character of Khal Drogo wasn’t for long in the series, he definitely developed a fan following with his rugged look and love for Daenerys. Get yourself access to this wonderful character from the series. You can either get your hand-made bobbleheads coupled with his classic horse or get one created with his wife by his side. Flaunt this amazing bobblehead collection with Khal Drogo as an important part of the Game of Thrones series. 


Whether you choose to create your very own Robert Baratheon or Ned Stark figurine, make sure you pick the best HD image of your favourite character before ordering your bobblehead. Ask about the size and prices to ensure you get to flaunt the best collection among your friends. 

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