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Custom Bobblehead Doll: Casual Man Finger Up

What is our unique craftsmanship?
  • Sculpted by artists with 10+ years first hand experience in the bobblehead industry
  • Using resin-based material that is more durable and less fragile than clay-based material
  • Colors of hair, eye, clothing and base etc. can be altered based on customer choices
  • Extra options available to further personalize your bobblehead doll to the next level
Customize My Bobblehead
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About Proofing

Upload Your Photos (One clear headshot photo is required)

* Make your bobblehead doll a taller size

* Bobblehead Proofing for Unlimited Times

Proofing will allow you to become part of the approval process for molding and painting, emails will be sent to you for both of these steps and revisions can be made. This is mandatory in order to make sure the final custom bobblehead doll has the best likeness. Head to toe fully customized bobbleheads proofing fee will be higher due to its complexity.

* Bobblehead Eye Color

* Bobblehead Hair Color

Bobblehead Upgrade Options

If there's any hat or glasses in the product photo above, they're just for demo purposes only, you will still need to chooe the option below if you need either of them for your doll.

Logo (if selected)

* Add Number or Text on Clothing

If Selected Above Type Number or Text

Type number or text to appear on clothing

* Bobblehead Base Color

* Add Base Decal Text

If Selected Above Type Text

Type text to appear on the base

* Bobblehead Sculpture Methods

You have the option to choose how soon to receive your custom bobblehead product. We will try very hard to provide your dolls in the timeline you choose. Bobblehead sculpture related cost is not included in any promotions. Also note, this does not include the shipping time which will take some extra days. 

Special Bobblehead Instructions & Comments

Order notes (if selected, color changes, added items to base)

* Make Duplicates for This Bobblehead

By clicking Add to Cart below, I understand that our Custom Made Bobbleheads are in no mean to be the exact replicas of the person(s) in the photos. While most of our customers are thrilled with our work and manage their expectation properly, some customers may not. If you are a perfectionist and expecting exact replica(s), we will recommend that you NOT to click Add to Cart and to complete the order.

By clicking Add to Cart, I also understand that the Production Method and Service selected above is an estimate and based on the assumption that customers approve their work promptly (within 24 hours) without delay. While we manage to produce and ship on time for most cases, we cannot control factors such as delayed customer responses, many rounds of revisions and delays from couriers. Thus, you understand that this is a best-effort service and by no means a guarantee. You understand that no refund will be issued if the delay is caused by factors beyond our control. including, but not limited to, what’s described above.  

By clicking Add to Cart, I further understand that that since the custom bobblehead is unique for each customer and thus has no resell value, custom bobblehead order is non-cancellable and nonrefundable once the process starts. So please think carefully before placing the order.