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Bobbleheads are very popular and its fan base is only increasing. You will find bobbleheads on celebrities and famous personalities. The sports bobbleheads is hugely popular- soccer, hockey, baseball and basketball are reaping the rewards. But it has got even better.

Custom Bobbleheads in Canada

Bobbleheads are one of the most amazing collectible dolls you can have. They are so versatile, and you can use them for multiple purposes like decorating your car, house, desk, or giving it as gifts. Bobbleheads are getting popular with each day and it has now grown into a huge business. While there are bobbleheads on many themes, sports bobbleheads are the top choices.

Another type of bobbleheads that are getting popular is the custom-made ones. Custom bobbleheads in Canada are getting popular each day for the obvious reasons. You can get them in so many themes like sports, movies, famous personality, garden, office and more. The possibilities are endless.

When you get them customized from a leading bobblehead companies like Yes Bobbleheads, you will get a high-quality, long lasting and amazing looking bobbleheads for your need.

Why Get a Customized Bobblehead?
There are so many amazing reasons for getting customized bobbleheads. They are fun, entertaining, suitable for all ages and occasions and very creative. You can gift them to someone or keep it to decorate your house. With custom bobbleheads in Canada, you can create a special memory for the special occasion.

They are versatile, and long lasting and you can bring a smile on people’s faces. Yes Bobbleheads provides high-quality, customized bobbleheads in Canada in a wide range of themes and can meet your unique requirements.

Get Personalized Bobbleheads
Yes Bobbleheads has been providing bobblehead services for years now and there is no theme in this world that we cannot create. We specialize in customize bobbleheads in Canada and create the perfect one for you. Whether you want them in sports theme, or politics theme, we can create the perfect one for you.

We have a wide range of themes you can choose from – sports, cars, movies, golf, baseball, tennis, kids, and more. Our themes include bobblehead themes that are stunning looking, funny, witty and downright hilarious for many occasions. Whether it is someone’s birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any special occasion, we can create on almost any theme you want.

High-Quality Custom Bobbleheads in Canada
At Yes Bobbleheads, we strive to create high-quality and long-lasting bobblehead dolls for our customers. We only use high quality materials, tools and techniques to create the bobblehead you want. Our bobblehead dolls are made of polyresin. They are highly durable, safe and flexible material. One of the best things about our custom bobblehead dolls made from this material is that it will not dry put or crack. They will last for a long time and provide you with the perfect décor solution.

You can use them for any purpose you want and keep them anywhere you like. They are perfect for any occasion. You can even start a collection of custom bobbleheads in Canada on your favorite themes.

Our Services
We strive to provide you with the highest quality products and for that we follow a very professional and efficient system that ensure that your bobblehead looks the way you want them to be. Our super-efficient system ensures that quality of the dolls is maintained throughout.

  • Standard Body

We have a wide range of standard body for bobblehead dolls. The head will be customized as per your need. The poses cannot be changed, but we have an amazing selection of pre-made bobblehead bodies on various themes you can choose from.

  • Upload Photos

Once you have selected the standard theme or the body of the doll, now you need to upload the photos you want to see on the head. We use the photos to customize the head of the bobblehead to make it more personalized. You need to upload high-quality images in different profile so that we can create the exact impression of the photo.

  • Customize your Bobblehead

In the next step you can customize the doll to look the way you want. You can change the logo on the clothing, the color of the clothes, hair color, eye color, add an accessory on the side, add text on the bobblehead and more.

  • Proofing

Our proofing system is designed to provide you with the best service. After we create the mold and 3D representation, we send it for approval. If the client wants any changes, we do it. You can have as many numbers of proofing done before finalizing it. Once you finalize it, we proceed to creating the perfect custom bobbleheads in Canada.

  • Sizes

You can easily order personalized bobbleheads between 7 inches and 16 inches. And, if want larger size bobbleheads, we can custom make it for you too on request.

We have a How It Works guide and a How to Order guide. If you have any more questions or problems, you can contact us at:

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