Custom Bobbleheads in New Zealand

Bobbleheads are quite popular in New Zealand and why not. They are cute, funny, witty and a great collective doll to have. The oversized bobblehead dolls are collectible dolls available in wide range of themes. They make for a perfect gift for the loved ones. You can also keep them as decorative pieces in the house.

Over the years, the popularity of the bobbleheads have increased and today they have grown into a huge business. While sports are the most popular theme for the bobbleheads dolls, custom bobbleheads are getting popular as well.

Yes Bobbleheads specializes in making custom bobblehead on various themes and for various occasions.

Versatile Bobbleheads on Various Themes
Bobbleheads comes in various themes like office, car, garden, politics and more. There are literally many themes to choose from. The thing with custom bobblehead in New Zealand is that you can personalize it to match your needs.

With Yes Bobbleheads, you can easily get a customized bobblehead on wide variety of themes like sports, movies, famous personality, garden, office and more. The possibilities are endless. With us, you will get the best quality products that not only looks great, but last long too.

Customized Bobblehead in New Zealand
Everyone knows how great the bobbleheads are. They are fun, hilarious and great décor item. But they are great for gifting purposes too. If you want make someone happy and bring smile on their special day, a custom bobblehead will do the trick. They are perfect for so many occasions like birthdays, office parties, weddings and more. No matter how young or old you are, everyone loves bobblehead.

One of the great things about having a customized bobblehead is that you can use them for decorating your car, desk, living room, or office.

Get Personalized Bobbleheads with Yes Bobbleheads
Yes Bobbleheads offer high-quality custom bobbleheads in New Zealand on a wide range of themes. Whether it’s the sports, garden, wedding, politics, or any other theme, we can create the perfect bobblehead for you. We can customize the bobblehead as per your specifics.

We have a wide range of themes to choose from - sports, cars, movies, golf, baseball, tennis, kids, and more. We can create a funny, witty, and beautiful looking bobblehead that will be just perfect for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, office, politics, sports, family, friends, pets and more.

High-Quality Custom Bobbleheads in New Zealand
At Yes Bobbleheads, we strive to provide high-quality service that you can trust. Our aim is to create custom bobbleheads in New Zealand that can look great even after a long time.

We ensure high-quality of products by using top-quality materials like the polyresin. The polyresins are durable, safe and flexible materials that make the bobblehead look so great and last for a long time. We use the latest tools, technology and methods to create custom-made bobbleheads for you.

We create custom bobbleheads that are designed to last for a long time. You can use them anyway you want. You can have the in your car, bag, desk or carry them around for fun. Our bobbleheads will not dry-out or crack, and keep looking great for long.

Our Custom Bobblehead Services
Yes Bobbleheads strives to provide the best service. We offer high-quality products; fastest turnaround time and our prices are simply amazing. We have an efficient system that ensure that your bobblehead look the way you want them to be.

Our process for creating high-quality custom bobbleheads in New Zealand includes:

  • Standard Body

We have a standard body for bobbleheads on various themes. You can choose the one you like, and we can customize the head for you to match your needs.

  • Upload Photos

Once you have chosen the theme for the bobblehead, the next step is to upload the photos. We will use the photos as a reference to create bobbleheads with a customized head. It is essential that you send high-quality images of different angles so that we can create an accurate impression of the face.

  • Customize your Bobblehead

You can customize your bobbleheads to look the way you want them to be. We offer various options of customization like change of the color of the eyes, hair, dress, and you can add text and accessory to the bobblehead. You can also change the logo on the bobblehead.

  • Proofing

Proofing is an important step that ensure that your Bobblehead looks the way you want it. We create a mold and 3D image so that you can approve of the design before it is made. You can make changes to it as per your liking. Once you finalize the doll, we will proceed to create the actual one.

  • Sizes

You can order custom bobbleheads in UK in various sizes between 7 inches and 16 inches. If you want larger size, we can make it for you.

We have a How It Works guide and a How to Order guide. If you have any more questions or problems, you can contact us at:

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