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Customized Summer Bobbleheads

Customized Summer Bobbleheads

The beach is a great inspiration, as a place of beautiful and romance memories! Customize a couple of beach themed bobblehead dolls to present as a gift to remind family or friends of the romance they kindled on the beach. 

With the warmth of the sun, fresh air, and sound of the water hitting the shore, the beach is the perfect setting for recreation. Also, summer is a hot season for trendy fashion. You will see many sexy and curvy babes on the beach. It can leave many memories. 

Yesbobbleheads.com site launches the newest products for the custom beach bobbleheads exhibition and promotion at the moment. For instance, “Couple Riding A Shark”, “Couple on Banana Boat”, etc. 

Yesbobbleheads will sculpt the dolls to look like the photos you provided with great detail. All it require is a good front view to capture the look of the person you want to make for. You need to choose one beach scene and describe how your custom bobbleheads will look and submit photos. Receive proofs of the dolls and make unlimited rounds of changes; Approve your custom bobbleheads once you are happy with your proofs - this means a great deal when sculpting your doll to ensure satisfaction. 

YesBobbleheads.com, the leading online custom bobbleheads maker, has started a national campaign for creating a pair of custom summer bobbleheads as the perfect gift to customers' family. Customers can benefit a 40% price off from this campaign by applying the "SUMMER40" coupon code during checkout that brings a cool in the hot summer!

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