Draw Them in With Cool Bobblehead Trade Show Giveaways

Whether they're in your car, on your desk at work or on your TV stand at home, bobbleheads can bring a sense of joy and amusement to anyone's day. We can't get enough of their carefree demeanor, their eerie resemblance to people we know and the irresistible urge we have to start 'em bobbing. Let's take a look at a few ways you can make your trade show giveaways the best they can be with bobbleheads.

1. Give Them Something Fun and Exciting

For your next set of trade show giveaways, consider giving your customers something memorable, exciting and fun. Bobbleheads have been around for more than a hundred years, and their popularity isn't declining anytime soon. Bobbleheads have been used to inspire enthusiasm in baseball games, add an element of uniqueness to weddings and as gag gifts. Bobbleheads are versatile and entertaining, whatever the occasion. These unique tiny creations add a relaxed charm to any room. Bobbleheads also provide an interesting conversation piece. Say, you're sitting at your desk when the cute redhead walks by and asks, "that's an interesting-looking toy. Who's that supposed to be?" And, bam. You've got an opening.

2. Create Your Own Custom Bobblehead

Giving away generic bobbleheads in trade show giveaways is good, but giving away custom-made bobbleheads is even better. Yes, you read right! You can even create your very own custom bobblehead. So, if you sell basketball equipment, you could request a bobblehead of the most popular player at the time. Or, if you sell cloth baby nappies, you could give away bobbleheads of adorable doe-eyed babies wearing your brand of diapers. Putting time, thought and energy into your giveaways is important because they:

  • 1.Increase initial traffic to your business
  • 2.Keep your consumers coming back for more
  • 3.Give customers a reminder/reference point for your brand
  • 4.Show that you care about your customers
  • 5.Can improve the image for your business and brand

Some of the things you'll want to consider when placing an order for bobbleheads is:

  • The purpose of the gift
  • What your target demographic is into
  • How you will get the word out that you'll be giving away bobbleheads (emails, flyers, commercials) 
  • Who will receive a bobblehead (any person who visits your booth or a customer who purchases a $5 or $50 worth of merchandise)

3. Buy in Bulk

I know what you may be thinking: "Custom bobbleheads sound great, but 'custom' typically means expensive." This is where buying smart comes in. When you buy a bulk order, you can save precious dollars because it takes less for the manufacturer to duplicate one product. The origin of the bobblehead may be a little unclear, but one thing is indisputable: bobbleheads stand the test of time and are prized by young and old alike. Bobbleheads are worth it.

Offer the Best Trade Show Giveaways

Bobbleheads can light up a room and add character to your customer space. For more ideas on how you can keep people coming check us out at Yes Bobbleheads. What's your favorite bobble? Leave a comment below.

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11/7/2021 8:23 PM
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