Fun Things You Can Do With Personalized Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are something much more than simple wiggly toys that are loved by kids. With time, they have started gaining prominence among the adults as well. With your inner kid wanting to experiment with things, personalized bobbleheads could be the right answer to have some fun every now and then. Apart from being an amazing gift option, you can use your bobblehead to prank someone or have some fun. 

So, if you are bored and do not know what to do with your bobbleheads, here are some ideas that you can opt for.

1-Prank Your Teacher:

In this trick, you would need the help of a teacher to prank another. So, select the ones that are fun-loving and wouldn’t mind a random prank or two. For this plan to work, you need to bring all your classmates or college mates on board. Ask everyone to order themselves personalized bobbleheads with an outfit they wear on a frequent basis. 

Now, you need to take charge of creating a bobblehead of the teacher you need to prank. After you are done the ordering, wait for the delivery to arrive. This could take anywhere from 3 days to a week or more, depending on the order quantity. After the shipment has arrived, plan out with the second teacher who is in on this prank. Ask him/her to keep an eye on the teacher to be pranked while you and your classmates place each of the bobbleheads in their respective places. 

Place the teacher’s bobblehead in the desk they usually sit on. Now, wait in a place that isn’t visible from the classroom as the teacher arrives. To ensure that you capture your teacher’s reaction completely, you might try and place one or two cameras in the room. Your teacher will surely be surprised when he/she sees the bobbleheads on the desks instead of real people. 

2-Scare Your Roommate:

Another prank you can successfully do is to scare your friend or roommate. In order to do this, you need to bring in some of your friends into the scenario and explain everything to them. Plan a get together at your home or call in some friends for group study. Now, before you do this, ask all your friends to order personalized bobbleheads with the very same dress they plan on wearing to the get together at your home. Once they are done, you need to do the very same thing and keep the bobbleheads ready for the day.

Once all your friends have arrived with their bobbleheads, make sure the friend you want to prank cannot see them by any chance. Hide them in a safe place. Now, start sharing scary stories with each other and make sure the friend to be pranked is listening to them with all attention. In the middle of the storytelling session, slip in a story where all the characters in the story turn into dolls. Once the storytelling session is over, ask your friend to bring you tea or something that will take some time. 

Now, quickly arrange the dolls in the places you all were sitting and hide somewhere, your friend cannot see. Make sure you place a camera in a strategic location to capture the reaction of your friend when he/she comes back and sees all of you turned to dolls. This is sure a scary thing to envision and an amazing prank to fool a friend/roommate.

3-The Meeting Prank:

If you are pissed off by a slacker at work, the best way to prank him/her is to involve the use of personalized bobbleheads. Bring all your teammates onboard for the prank and ask them to get a bobblehead made from their pictures. They need to customize it in accordance with the outfit they plan on wearing on the day the prank is supposed to happen. Inform the slacker of the meeting and constantly remind him how serious the meeting agenda is. Try and convince him that refraining from attending the meeting even cost him his job. This will ensure that he pays a visit to the meeting room on the set date.

Now, an hour before the time informed to the one being pranked, start arranging the bobbleheads in places where you would sit along with the bobblehead of your supervisor at the center chair. If possible, make it a bit realistic by playing a tape with your sounds of discussing an urgent agenda. Proper sounds of people conversing will ensure that the slacker makes it in time to the meeting room. After the setup is done, rush to inform the person that the meeting has started. Once they enter the room, they will find nothing but bobbleheads all around. View his/her reaction through the hidden camera or the CCTV camera in the room if you have access to the same. 


So, if you want to make the best out of your personalized bobbleheads, this is how you do it. Scare, surprise, or make them wonder, you can do it all with these cutesy little bobbleheads. So, why wait? Order your bobblehead today and start planning your master prank. Keep in mind that your pranks shouldn’t be mean in any way. Pranks are something that brings people together by creating memories that allow you to laugh together over the silliness and stupidity of the situation.

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