Get Your Gifting Game On for Thanksgiving 2019: Yes Bobbleheads

Yet again, its Thanksgiving 2019, and you might be wondering what gift is the best to give your friends and relatives a unique surprise. Thanksgiving is an American holiday that perfectly defines the art and love behind giving. Apart from a delicious turkey dish and beautiful decorations, another factor that makes your holiday all the more special is a gift that you plan from your heart. So, what is the perfect gift for your loved ones? A well-designed custom bobblehead for Thanksgiving 2019 is just what you need. 

Why should you choose Yes Bobbleheads for your Thanksgiving 2019 gifting needs?

Picking custom bobbleheads for Thanksgiving 2019 for your gifting needs from Yes Bobbleheads could be the best decision you have ever made. Apart from high-quality and creative designs, you get to access these bobbleheads at discounted price tags. It is definitely a win-win situation for all. 

So, what exactly can you gift your loved ones?

1-Star Wars Collection:

If you have a family member who is a sci-fi fanatic, this could just be the perfect gift for Thanksgiving 2019. Star Wars for long has been a critical part of the must-watch list for anyone who loves to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Whether your friend or family love Darth Vader or Princess Leia, having a custom bobblehead made for them in the image of the ones they adore will surely be an amazing gift. The best thing you can do is plan a whole collection related to Star Wars and gift it for Thanksgiving 2019. Surely, this will be one of their cherished gifts. 

2-The Musician Inside:

Music is something that brings us together, and so does Thanksgiving. There is nothing better than a gift that represents music in its best form. Whether your family member aspires to be a DJ or singer in the future to come, a well-crafted custom bobblehead is surely the best gift you can gift them. As an aspiring artist, the best thing they can do is keep practicing and what better way to motivate them to reach their goals than bringing a glimpse of their future as gift. A custom bobblehead for Thanksgiving 2019 will accurately represent their future as a singer, DJ artist, musician, or sound engineer. So, help inspire someone’s future with an amazing customized bobblehead collection where music is the future. 

3-The Fitness Enthusiast:

If you have a fitness freak in your home who absolutely loves hitting the gym, nothing could be better than a customized bobblehead for your fitness enthusiast friend. You can have their faces represented on a pre-made body with dumbbells on the hand. Better yet, you can have a bobblehead ordered with their partners who too love hitting the gym on a regular basis. This Thanksgiving 2019, inspire your fitness enthusiast friend or family member to create more goals and achieve them. 

4-The Sports Fanatic:

Sports is something that always brings people together. So, why not remind your sports fanatic family member that they surely matter a lot when it comes to celebrating togetherness. Whether your family member loves football, baseball, basketball, or any other popular sport, as a loved one, it is your duty to help them acknowledge the gift they have and aid them in pursuing their passion. Get them a well-designed customized bobblehead for Thanksgiving 2019 and watch how they get excited about their gift. So, always remember, the right gift can go a long in helping someone realize that they are good at something. 

5-The BBQ Theme:

While Thanksgiving is a holiday spent indoors, who doesn’t love a BBQ party? If you have a well-sheltered patio to protect from the snowfall, you can surely organize an amazing BBQ party for Thanksgiving 2019. Better yet, if you are planning a BBQ-themed party, go for something that will add another level of excitement to the scenario. With a customized bobblehead as the return gift, you can make things more interesting. So, what is the idea here? You can find several pre-made bodies with BBQ-theme. All you need to do is get a good picture of the one you are gifting it to and place your order. The BBQ-theme custom bobblehead comes with a green patio, a lawn chair with you relaxing, a grilling device, a chicken piece, and everything that makes up for the perfect custom bobblehead. 

This will serve as a reminder of an amazing thanksgiving party you had for years to come. Your family members, however far they are, will surely give you a call and talk about how good the party was after they take a glimpse at these bobbleheads standing on their desks. 

6-The Beach Theme:

Thanksgiving on a beach! This is something unique, right? Well, this might not be something doable given the winter weather, but you can surely make it a theme for your Thanksgiving 2019 party. You can have all your guests’ deck up in beach-like clothes or bright colors. Make sure you have cranked up the heater in your home to ensure they are all warm and cozy while it is snowing outside. What else can you do? You can plan a beach-themed return gift like a custom bobblehead to help them keep this unique party in their memories for long. If you are enthusiastic or someone in your party absolutely loves scuba diving, you can order them a custom bobblehead doll with scuba diving theme. 


So, get into action, Thanksgiving 2019 is arriving! Don’t be late; order your custom bobblehead today. Remember, the more you research about what could impress your guests, the better your bobblehead would be. So, this thanksgiving, all you need to do is start planning your gifts today and wait for them to arrive at your doorsteps!

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