Handmade bobbleheads - The one of kind Wedding gifts

Once in our lifetime, we come across this situation, when we have to choose a wedding gift for our best friends. The struggle is real. You just cannot give anything. The gift has to be as special as your bond with the person. If you are in the same dilemma- we have the perfect gift ready. What could be better than a personalised gift to your friend on his/her D-day? You can surprise the newlyweds with their very own personalised bobblehead dolls. Personalised handmade bobbleheads are the newest trends in the gifting arena for all kind of occasions. Be it a birthday party, or graduation celebration or a wedding, handmade bobbleheads are the cutest gifts you could gift to your close ones on all occasions.

There are not one but several reasons to why these cute little wobbly dolls are the best choice in recent years. Primarily, handmade bobbleheads are customisable. The dolls can be designed as per customer needs and could there be anything better than a customised gift? Secondly, these dolls last forever. They are a part of our memories throughout our lives. And, not everyone thinks of giving personalised dolls as a wedding gift to a couple. Therefore, your gift is going to be 100% original and unique.

What actually are handmade Bobblehead Dolls?

Bobblehead dolls are cute and collectable models of different sizes. Unlike other regular dolls available in the market, the head is attached to their body with a spring. Hence, the heads wobble even with a gentle tap. Thus, the name- bobblehead dolls.

Why choose handmade bobbleheads as a gifting option?
Customised bobbleheads are not just collectables that stay for life. They are a medium of showing how important and unique the person to you is! You do not have to go for the typical bride and groom dancing dolls. Instead, you could create a wobbly doll resembling the couple itself.

Here are a few things that you can do to get your personalized wedding dolls created and delivered at your doorstep:

At 'Yes Bobbleheads' we have some of the best bobbleheads. Also, we create bobbleheads as per your demands. All you have to do is upload the photo of the couple on the portal. You can also send the photo and attached details via email. You can choose the design of the clothes you want on the dolls and also their standing posture. Specify all your requirements or you can also choose a default model for your customised head. We will create the doll and deliver it at your doorstep in no time. We create dolls at affordable rates and with precision.

The bobblehead making procedure

You can make your doll as funny and witty as possible. You could create a model from the pre-wedding shoot or a happy picture of the couple. Once the doll couple is created, we send previews to the customer for approval. You can check the dolls for specifics. A lot of exactness and detail is given to these handmade bobbleheads to ensure 100% satisfaction to the buyer.
Changes are made in the models until the customer is satisfied. Once approved, it is dispatched for delivery.

Making a handmade bobblehead requires a lot of time and high-level skills. It is an art in itself. Get started on your custom wedding doll and order today. Contact us for any queries related to ordering, processing or delivery.

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