How Custom Bobbleheads are Made

Bobblehead dolls have become so popular these days. You can find them in so many themes, designs and colors to match the need for any occasion. People love bobblehead especially the custom-made ones. The thrill of a personalized bobblehead is just amazing. Handmade bobbleheads are another option that people love about these collective dolls as it makes them even more fun and exciting. 

While everyone loves bobblehead, they hardly know in detail how these amazing bobbleheads are made. Various steps are involved in creating the perfect bobblehead for the customers.

Here are the steps required to create a personalized, handmade bobblehead doll:

Step – 1

The first step is to choose the image you would like on your bobblehead doll. You see, you can customize you bobblehead doll by making the head or face to look like something you like. You can choose the image of yourself, or a friend, family or anyone you would like to gift them the doll. It is important to choose the image wisely so that the finished doll would like just the way you want. For the best impression sending a couple of photos in different profile would be great. 


While making a handmade bobblehead, moulding process is involved where the artists transfer the image into a clay mould. Later this mould can be transferred into a 3D model for better designing. The artists usually start with the clay mould and work to create the perfect impression of the photo. Handmade bobbleheads are very popular as it shows how much effort the artists put into making them. The artists usually have to use a number of tools to carve out the exact face on the photo. This is very exciting and it does make the bobblehead special in more ways than one. 

Step – 3

Now, before the mould is finalized and the next step is followed, the artists have to send the 3D representation of the mould for the client’s approval. It is important that the customer is satisfied with the result. If they have something to change in the designs then they can tell. The artists take care to make changes to make it perfect. Usually the customers can make as many changes they want till they are completely satisfied with the results. Artists can make the changes accordingly and ensue that they provide the best service. 

Step -4

Just like the images, customers can make changes to other features of bobblehead as well like the color of the hair or the eye. By making these few changes you can make the bobblehead look more fun and attractive. You can choose from a wide range of eye colors like brown, blue, black, hazel, green or you can just go with the natural color. Likewise, you can also make changes to the colors or the hair too like brown or blonde. The color of the eye and hair depends on the availability of the color with the makers. This is very exciting for the customers as they can make the bobbleheads look fun and different. 


Choosing the Themes is also a part of the steps. Before the production begins, you need can customize the handmade bobbleheads in many ways and choosing a theme is one of them. You can choose from a wide range of themes like office, football, party, movies, garden, house, and more. You can choose the theme according to the requirement like an office birthday present. This way you can customize your bobblehead and make it look personalized and make people happy with your choices. 

Step -6

After the customization options, the artist starts creating the handmade bobbleheads. The bobblehead is cast, painted and attached to the body to complete the process. They include all the details needed to create the bobblehead you wanted. Once this step starts there is no going back on it. So, it is important that you make all the changes you want in your bobblehead in the previous steps so that you can get the best bobblehead you want. 


After the bobblehead is completed, it is time to check for the quality or the work ensure that it is ready to. The bobblehead is packed and shipped to the customer. It is important to note that the handmade bobbleheads are created by the artists by hand and high-quality materials are used to ensure that your bobblehead doll lasts for long and look fabulous in every sense of the word. It takes at least four to six weeks to complete the process, but the results are usually amazing. 

The Bottom-Line 

These are the steps that are involved in making the best kind of bobblehead dolls. Each and every step is important for creating the best kind of handmade bobblehead. Artists pay a lot of attention and make effort to ensure that you get the bobblehead of your choice. 

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