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  • About LifeCenter

    LifeCenter Organ Donor Network, "A Donate Life Organization," encourages and coordinates the donation of human organs and tissues for transplantation as an institutional member of the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and follows all the guidelines for organ sharing. Read more about LifeCenter here.

  • About YesBobbleheads

    YesBobbleheads is a US-based e-Commerce company focused on creating custom bobblehead dolls with premium quality. Our mission is to provide the best online shopping experience for customers looking for something that's full of fun for both themselves or their beloved ones. With more than 10 years experience in the custom bobbleheads industry, we have established a unique business model that builds our great success along the road. Read more about YesBobbleheads here.

  • About the Charitable Donation Program

    Today, LifeCenter & YesBobbleheads have come together to work out a fun way for charitable donation. As a customer, you will not only benefit from an exclusive saving when purchasing custom bobbleheads on YesBobbleheads website, YesBobbleheads will also donate 10% of your purchase price to LifeCenter in your name. Therefore, everytime you create an interesting bobblehead, you not only save money and but also become a donor.

    How to get the discount? It's simple, you just need to enter LifeCenter's exclusive discount code: LC80 on your shopping cart page, you will get $80 off instantly. Then, you can proceed to checkout to place your order. 10% of your final purchase price will automatically become your donation to LifeCenter, in your name! Here is a guide on how to order online.

Enjoy Exclusive $80 Off Discount by Code: LC80 & Become a Donor to LifeCenter
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