Personalized Bobbleheads of Famous U.S. Presidents of All Time

Bobbleheads can be anything from a source of inspiration to something that makes you happy. With elections coming up soon, it’s time that you get yourself a personalized bobblehead of your favorite U.S. President over the years. While some of these Presidents were celebrated eloquent speakers, others were known for their writing skills. Presidents represent themselves as the head of the nation and what they practice; they preach the same.

If one such U.S. President has ever inspired you to become the best version of yourself, it is time that you get yourself the mini-version of your inspiration.

Let’s take a peek at some of the popular U.S. Presidents throughout history that will be best for your collection of personalized bobbleheads.

1-George Washington:

Now, who can forget the very first president of the United States? Born in Westmoreland County of Virginia in the United States, he was someone with an independent political ideology. Washington was the one who made use of his bravery and led the famous Continental Army against Great Britain when saving the country during the American Revolutionary War. This saved the United States from collapse during its crucial time frame. The free country you live in today has George Washington as a major contributor.

So, he surely deserves a significant position in your collection for popular U.S. President personalized bobbleheads. When ordering, do not forget to ask for his signature white hair with curls and a small backside ponytail.

2-Abraham Lincoln:

Known to lead the nation through the ups and downs of the bloodiest stage of American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln is the accurate representation of moral values standing through the political and constitutional crisis. He is popular as the president who preserved the U.S. Union, abolished the concept of slavery, modernized the existing U.S. economy, and strengthened the country’s federal government.

With all these amazing characteristics to get inspired from, who wouldn’t want this iconic figure to be a part of their daily inspiration source? You can order your very own Abraham Lincoln personalized bobbleheads with that classic beard look with no mustache.

3-Barack Obama:

Known for his inherent qualities of leadership, he was the one who pursued a move for equal justice catered to everyone. Every popular leader is someone who is compassionate from inside but stern from inside. Obama was one such president who helped the nation with his progressive decisions but shed a tear every now and then out of compassion for the ones affected by social malefactors.

If his grace, sense of humor, and compassion is something that has inspired you over the years, it is time that you addpersonalized bobbleheads that looks exactly like him to your collection. Remember, to order this inspirational bobblehead with his crisp white shirt with a classic black pant look.

4-John F. Kennedy:

The 35th name holder as the President of the U.S., John F. Kennedy remains famous to date for his contribution to the Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Alliance for Progress. More than that, he was the biggest and most active advocate for American civil rights. The rights we enjoy today in the country is a major contribution by Kennedy himself. Gunned down during the best phase of his life, Kennedy was everything from handsome & charismatic to young and honest president. He was nothing less than a national hero for most of the U.S. population making him akin to popular names like Lincoln, Washington, and FDR.

During his lifetime and even today, Kennedy has inspired millions and billions. So, why not craft an ideal John F. Kennedy Bobblehead for your ultimate collection? Remember to ask for that original side-swept hair look for your personalized bobbleheads collection.

5-Franklin D. Roosevelt:

Popularly known as FDR, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32ndPresident of America. His administration as the president of the United States is popular for his contribution to the economy while the country was dealing with World War II and the Great Depression. He was the one who expanded the power of the federal government via multiple programs as well as reforms that came to be known as “New Deal.”

Even though Polio deemed most of his life stuck in the wheelchair, that didn’t stop this brave political warrior from bringing the best for the U.S. residents. He is the symbol of admiration, inner strength, and tactical brilliance. Let Roosevelt guide you through the toughest moments of your life by ordering your very own personalized bobbleheads with Roosevelt as a mini inspiration standing by your side. You can add some intricate details to the bobblehead with Roosevelt’s classic cigarette holder & the highball


From the dad jeans of Barack Obama to the contemporary two-button coats worn by John F. Kennedy, the Presidents of the United States over the years have surely inspired many and continue to so even today. With a mini version of your hero as personalized bobbleheads, you can be inspired to do more than you could ever think. Remember, no limitation can stop you from achieving what you were meant to secure.

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