Pet Custom Bobbleheads for Pet Lovers

Pet Custom Bobbleheads for Pet Lovers

Bobbleheads are a fun way to commemorate a special person and they're often used to represent celebrities and other notables. People place bobbleheads on their desks at work, in curio cabinets at home, and even on their dashboards to show team spirit, display their interests, and add some fun and personality to their everyday spaces.

However, there are also custom bobbleheads designed to represent people in your life who don't require six degrees of separation to connect - your family, friends, and other loved ones. So, it only makes sense that man's best friend should be on this short list of close, personal contacts.

If you're only just now becoming aware of the possibility of making a custom bobblehead of your dog or cat, here are a few things you should know about getting this keepsake for yourself or as a special gift for a family member or friend.

How Does It Work?

Creating a custom bobblehead of a beloved cat or dog is easier than you might imagine. There are already several customizable templates to choose from, from Persian and Siamese cats, to Beagles, Labs, Poodles, and more.

All you have to do is select your breed, upload photos of your own pet, select any extras (add glasses, hats, shirts with your favorite sports logo, and more), and submit your order. You can also choose a totally customizable version if your breed isn't represented.

There's even an option to have duplicates made at steeply discounted prices if, say, you want to send a bobblehead of your childhood dog to all of your siblings. Within just a few weeks (unless you choose expedited processing) you'll have your custom bobblehead to enjoy.

Make a Memory

Why should you choose a custom bobblehead of a pet? It's a great way to memorialize the furry companions that hold a special place in your life and in your heart.

People who love pets understand the special bond between a person and his/her cat or dog. There are cat lovers and dog lovers, and they're fiercely loyal to their pets, and even a particular breed. My grandma had one miniature poodle after another and gave them all the same name - talk about devotion!

Whether you, yourself, are an ardent animal lover or you have family, friends, and coworkers who would throw themselves in front of a train to save a cherished feline or pooch, there's no better way to memorialize the bond between person and pet than with a custom bobblehead.

Give a Unique Gift

Let's be honest - a painting of someone's pet is always a little creepy, right? Don't even get started on stuffed animals. Bobbleheads, on the other hand, are always totally adorable. They are imbued with a sense of fun and frivolity, which is the perfect counterpoint to the loss of a pet.

This unique gift will make you and your loved ones smile in fond memory of a beloved pet every time you look at it and set its head to bobbing. It's a lot more affordable than your average pet portrait, as well, and you can be sure no one else will give this one-of-a-kind, customized gift, which means it's sure to surprise and delight any recipient who absolutely loves pets.

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