Readying for National Bobbleheads Day? Here is What You Should Know beforeOrdering Your Personalized Bubbleheads

If you are a big fan of personalized bobbleheads, you know what’s coming on your way. It’s National Bobblehead Day (January 7) coming. Well, this could be your perfect excuse to order your next personalized bobblehead and décor your room in the best possible way. The demand for personalized bobbleheads is highly increasing these days, especially among the avid cartoon and anime character fans. Whether you are an anime lover or ordering one for your friend and family, the easiest way to order your favorite personalized bobbleheads is by purchasing at a toy store or ordering from reputed online stores, such as Yes, Bobbleheads.

This brings us the question of how the personalized bobbleheads for cartoon and anime characters are made. The following blog will share with you the idea of how personalized bobbleheads are created; your order placement to the delivery right at your doorstep. So, let’s start with it.

Journey Starts with a Sweet Collaboration between the Online Shop, Creator, and Collector Well, we are starting the list with our first and most important step to craft personalized bobbleheads. First, the buyers of personalized anime bobbleheads have to choose an image that they would want to be crafted into their bobblehead figures. The collectors can select any of their likeness or favorite anime characters in crafting and ordering personalized bobbleheads online. Purchasers can scan the photo of a comic book page or any source available online, or just a simple screen capture from a video.

No matter the source choice, the thing you must remember is that the image needs to be extremely clear and large in a pixel as possible. By providing a visually perfect image of the personalized bobblehead you want, you will make the job of your bobblehead doll artist easy, resulting in accurate and high-quality personalized bobblehead creation. The bobblehead artist may ask the buyers to submit several photos of their chosen anime character to the same face to ensure the best mold for their personalized bobbleheads.

When selecting an image of an anime character that you desire to mold, the buyer must bear in mind that the image must possess the following characters:

* The clear front side of your character chosen.
* The clear shot of the character’s backside.
* And, the images of the character facing a quarter to the right and to the left.

Providing the above-mentioned images of your chosen anime character will help the personalized bobblehead creator to put even the tiniest details to the custom bobbleheads and make it an absolute perfect duplication of your selected character.

The Transformation of 2D Anime Images to 3D Personalized Bobbleheads

After the submission of required images, a highly experienced bobblehead artist will start a manual sculpture or work with a digital program to create a 3D render of the anime character; from head to toe. Then, the created 3D rendered image will feed through a 3D printer accurately replicate the anime character image provided by the client.

Sculpture Proofing within Client and Creator

You may assume this as the testing phase of the whole process. After the mold is complete, the personalized bobblehead artist will send a proof to the buyer to make sure everything is up to the expectation. If the client requires any changes with the body proportions or other important details, then the artist will add or remove the necessary changes to finalize the finished product. In this stage, the customer can make as many changes as they want to receive the product with perfection.

Time for the Final Production

After the customer approval of the mold, the model is then sent to a 3D printer or near to an experienced sculpture to give it life. They smooth the sculpture’s surface carefully without damaging any detail, and then pour liquid silicon over it and leave it to dry. After fixing the silicon mold with plaster outside, liquid resin injected into the mold carefully, avoiding any bubbles inside the mold. This ends the creation process of your personalized bobbleheads’ white sculpture body. Then, the sculptured body gets trimmed and polished. After assembling the two parts of your personalized bobblehead, the experts will share the image of the final sculpture to the client for final confirmation. When the client finalizes the sculpture, it will be sent for the paint job. Highly experienced painters will perform a careful paint job with extreme detailing to complete the job. A professional inspection team will thoroughly inspect the final personalized bobblehead and send it to be packed and delivered near the client.

So, When are You Ordering Then?

Personalized bobbleheads can really be a great gifting choice for any occasion. Whether you want a custom bobblehead for your personal collection or want to gift it to someone close to your heart, personalized bobbleheads are no doubt the best choice from every manner. Interested personnel can order from a trusted and best user-reviewed online store to avail discount on your ordered product and get the delivery at earliest. If you are searching for an online store to purchase your personalized bobbleheads, Yes, Bobbleheads could be your best choice. We have 1000+ body designs in our online store for your selection, and the price starts from only as low as $39. Check our web store today to order personalized bobbleheads of your choice. Place your order today and get an exciting discount on your purchase.

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