Stock a Basketball Bobblehead for NBA Season

Stock a Basketball Bobblehead for NBA Season

Holy Smokes! The NBA season is here! You think grabbing the popcorn, watching the playoff races and trading jerseys, posters and pennants means fulfilling your role as an avid fan of Warriors or Cavs? Um, not really! 

Recently though, more and more fans have grown an appetite for amassing another kind of collectibles – basketball bobbleheads – to mark their team’s glory. 

These customized head-nodders quickly grab attention with a DIY feature that beats other souvenirs. What’s more fun than creating a 100% handmade doll by yourself? 

At, you get to design and revise the bobblehead doll from head to toe or choose from nine pre-made models of customize basketball bobbleheads. These models include man playing basketball, office man spinning basketball, to name a few. We even have girl/couple models for your choice! You will then enjoy the DIY process and help modify the doll. 

YesBobbleheads’ powerful system allows you to add as many characteristics to the doll as you want. You can pick the size of the doll, add accessories or engravings to it, and pick the eye color, hair color or base color. All in all, we’ll try our best to make the best bobblehead for ya!

Basketball bobbleheads, unlike other collectibles, are one-of-a-kind and tell enjoyable stories in a way that is visually interesting.

To customize a bobblehead, you need to upload a photo for the doll to be based on. It could be a moment of your idol dunk handsome, a moment you and your team won a match-turning point, or just an ordinary day on the court. Bobblehead dolls help freeze that special moment, and in this sense, have more meaning than other souvenirs. is a leading bobblehead maker in the U.S. with one of the largest collections of doll models. Employing sculptors of 10+ years experience, we are devoted to present you with true 3D likeness and high quality personalized bobbleheads. 

Bobbleheads are undoubtedly one of the best NBA giveaways for the 2016-17 season. Pick a model and follow the customization process. In a few clicks you will create a unique bobblehead to commemorate this year’s unbelievable season!

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