Top 9 things to know when ordering custom bobbleheads from photo

Each custom bobblehead is a creative gift to be treasured forever! Wouldn’t you love a miniature version of yourself as memorabilia? Why not gift something unique this birthday to your loved ones? Custom bobbleheads from photo give you complete control over what goes into the making of your unique gift. 

However, each custom bobblehead website has its own set of rules and regulations to be followed for delivering high-quality gifts. As a customer, if you plan to order your own bobblehead or something for a friend, here are few guidelines to be followed. But before we proceed forward, here are few benefits ordering completely custom bobbleheads. 

Benefits and Features of Ordering Bobbleheads Online

  • The process for the online purchase is fairly simple as your order products from the comfort of your home.
  • You can pick from a collection of several designs and themes.
  • Your custom bobbleheads from photo also include requested accessories such as earrings, glasses, nose pins, necklaces, etc.
  • Your purchase is confirmed via emails and SMS. 
  • The manufactured affordable custom bobbleheads are made from poly-resin. It is easy to mold and stronger than actual ceramic post-baking process.

Things to remember when ordering custom bobbleheads from photo

Always Upload HD Pictures:

The more high definition your picture is the better your output for funny custom bobbleheads. Creating the perfect output with right textures of your eyes, nose, or even wrinkles requires high-quality pictures. 

Choose between standard body or fully customized bobblehead:

Now, there is a difference between completely custom bobbleheads and standard body bobbleheads. The completely custom versions allow the customers to customize everything from tip-to-toe. However, the standard body versions allow you customization of just the head with a change in existing cloth colors. 

Material Used for Custom Bobbleheads:

Now, before you order your custom couple bobbleheads, make sure you ask for the material used. Reliable companies such as Yes Bobbleheads use high-quality polyresin which is highly durable and long-lasting. Use of polyresin allows the finished product to look perfectly detailed. However, this process and material require dedication and time. 

In order to avoid lengthy creation time, many companies use clay as crafting material which is prone to breakage. So, make sure you look for companies that focus on polyresin based bobbleheads. 


Most companies such as Yes Bobbleheads have their own pre-set norms and guidelines for size. Generally, the size of custom bobbleheads from photo ranges between 5 inches to 7 inches. However, you can also order affordable custom bobbleheads that can be smaller or bigger in size. The duration for delivery of such bobbleheads can vary from the listed timeline. 

International Shipping:

If you are planning to order your custom bobbleheads over international waters, make sure you study through the shipping policy of the company. Most bobblehead-makers ship their products internationally. However, it can vary depending on the overall amount of your order. 

Returns, Refunds, and Cancellation:

There might be instances where your product isn’t up to the mark. In such cases, make sure you get in touch with the customer care representative to ask for returns or refunds. Reliable companies always ensure that the product you receive is top-notch and doesn’t deteriorate during shipping. However, it is advised that you should read through their policies to ensure that any such instances can be dealt with ease. 

Look for Discounts:

In order to maintain their existing customer base and attract new ones, custom bobblehead companies often offer amazing discounts. These discounts are more popular during festive seasons or special occasions. So, make sure you look through the website every now and then or subscribe to the newsletter for quick updates on future discounts. 

Customer Ratings:

When ordering your custom couple bobbleheads, make sure you check through the customer ratings. With this, you can get a clear idea of the products received, their quality, shipping time, and overall service. Make sure you read enough reviews before ordering your bobblehead. 

Design Changes/Revisions:

Most custom bobblehead manufacturers send you a video or image of the final product before delivering it to your doorstep. However, if you aren’t satisfied with the final product, you can ask for changes or revisions. Make sure you ask the company for the total number of revisions available once you place your order. 

Bottom Line

From shipping to submission of details, there are multiple things that you need to keep in mind when ordering your custom bobbleheads from photo. You can look through the FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions section in the respective website to understand the requirements for your order. So, go ahead and purchase your unique gift and surprise your loved ones!

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