Why Bobbleheads Make the Best Baby Shower Favors

You want your baby shower to be perfect. From the food to the decorations to the food, you want to make sure your party keeps people talking for years. That means you're going to come up with some pretty awesome baby shower favors too. Nothing is sure to do that like custom bobbleheads. Not convinced? Well, let me tell you why bobbleheads make the best baby shower favors.

They're Unique

Pinterest is full of fun ideas for baby shower favors. And everyone is doing them. After going to a few baby showers, you could probably start your own mason jar resale company and make a nice living. Chances are, no one else has given out custom bobbleheads at their baby shower. Or...anywhere, for that matter. These are sure to surprise and delight your guests. Everyone loves giving creative gifts. A custom bobblehead is sure to hit that mark and keep your friends and family talking for years to come. That's because...

Bobbleheads are Forever

Lots of baby showers these days are laden with cake pops, succulents, popcorn, and snacks. How long do you suppose those are going to last? Our best guess is days to weeks, depending on how hungry they get and how bad they are at taking care of plants. A custom bobblehead, on the other hand, is sure to secure a spot on desks or dashboards for years to come. They aren't perishable, and they are made of durable plastic. And it's not like anyone is going to throw out a bobblehead of themselves. That's the sort of unique, creative gift that you cherish for life. And as a bonus, every time they see it, they'll be reminded of you and your baby shower. So that's nice.

Everyone Loves Bobbleheads

Who doesn't love bobbleheads? Monsters, that's who. There's something about a bobblehead that makes you smile. Whether it's their comedic proportions or the way you can make them look like they're nodding in agreement, bobbleheads are just plain fun. If you have a diverse group of people coming to your party, it can be hard to find favors that everyone likes. Your best friend might love vintage bottles, but your aunt might think they're tacky as all get out. With personalized bobbleheads though, you'll be sure to please everyone. Except for those aforementioned monsters.

Baby Shower Favors to Remember

Custom bobbleheads can make your baby shower a party nobody forgets. Imagine the laughter in that room when everyone opens their bags and finds a miniature, nodding version of themselves looking them in the face. And that laughter will be multiplied throughout the years as people see their bobblehead on their desk and remember what a clever and wonderful friend you are. You can even choose a body based on their specific interests to personalize it even further. And ordering is easy! Call us today to order the best baby shower favors you or any of your friends have ever seen. Bobble on!

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