Why Do Sports Teams Love Bobbleheads?

sports bobbleheads We love bobbleheads. They agree with us when no one else will! But truly, the advances in developing a customized bobblehead have created fun gift ideas and an amazing professional tool for all types of businesses. Celebrities, movie stars, athletes and all sorts of personalities have their own bobbleheads. Even troubled former politicians have used the toys to make money. No business loves using a bobblehead promotion more than sports teams though. Have you ever wondered why? It isn't just because your favorite professional team likes doing things for their fans out of the goodness of their hearts. Bobbleheads are actually a savvy marketing tool. We'll explain why a little toy with a big head can pack such a marketing punch. Here we go:

Bobbleheads Increase Ticket Sales

Not every sports team sells out every night. And for baseball teams especially, bobblehead promotions have increased ticket sales dramatically. It may be hard to believe that such a cute little toy could pack such a big marketing punch, but the collectible is responsible for filling seats. When professional sports teams release their tickets ahead of the season along with a bobblehead promotion, ticket sales see a major spike. Fans consider a bobblehead giveaway to be one of the best promotions every year. The promotion can be financially valuable to the professional team as well as to collectors.

They're Valuable

It's not just sports enthusiasts who love the chance to walk away with a free bobblehead at the ballpark. Bobblehead collecting is almost a science at this point. And it doesn't take years for a bobblehead collectible to go up in value. In 2016 a Marshawn Lynch bobblehead was listed on eBay for $500 only days after a free giveaway. Bobblehead dolls of sports figures can command over $3,000 on auction sites. There are valuable sports stars represented in hockey, baseball, and football too. People don't just collect bobblehead dolls to sell them later though. Some amass impressive collections for personal use.

Collectible Treasures

Some collectors clamor for the free giveaways for more than a monetary reward. There are impressive bobblehead collections that include years of care and careful selection. One man recently donated a bobblehead collection of 1,500 items to a museum. It's easy to see why sports teams love them. We do too. And you can even make your own.

You Can Have One Too

You don't have to wait for the next promotion at your ballpark to get a bobblehead. In fact, you can even make and design your own. Did you know that YesBobbleheads has made it easy to design and purchase your own custom bobblehead? Our customers love our service. Whether you are looking for a great marketing promotion you can buy in bulk, or a custom one-off gift, YesBobbleheads can help. We make it easy to order too. Don't wait another day to find that perfect gift, or use a proven marketing strategy to boost your sales and increase your business. Click here and find out how easy it is to create and order your custom bobbleheads right now.

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