5 Ways to Decorate Your Cake With Wedding Bobbleheads

According to Business Insider, naked cakes, drip cakes, natural flavors, and edible toppers are some of the hottest wedding cake trends for 2017. But you don't always have to follow trends. Trends don't make a wedding extra special. It's how well you and your partner planned everything down to the smallest details, especially when you're on a budget. One way you can show off your attention to details is with your choice of wedding cake toppers. And if you've chosen to go with wedding bobbleheads, you'll be glad to know that there are plenty of ways to get creative with them.

How to Get Creative with Wedding Bobbleheads

1. Go with something funny

If humor is one of the strongest bonds you have with your partner, you probably don't need to do a stand-up comedy routine at your wedding (unless you really want to). The people you've invited - assuming they're all close friends and relatives - already know that funny is your thing. Which means if you want to add a bit of humor to your wedding, you can incorporate touches of it throughout the ceremony without going over the top. An easy way to do that is with custom bobbleheads as wedding cake toppers. You can, for example, have a bobblehead doll in a white wedding dress kissing a frog. Or another idea could be a couple bobblehead, replacing the typical bride cake topper with Bridezilla. The possibilities are endless but if you're looking for inspiration, you can check out this Pinterest board.

2. Go sporty

Bleacher Report has a list of the best sports-themed weddings. The couple who went the whole nine yards with their NFL-themed wedding tops the list. From the invitations, which looked like NFL tickets to candy-filled penalty markers decorations, it was a wedding any sports fanatic would appreciate. Now if you're looking to incorporate a little team spirit into your big day, you can try sports-inspired wedding bobbleheads as cake toppers. As we've said before, personalized bobbleheads are a great way to express your personal passion (in this case, sports). Plus, bobbleheads are so versatile. There's one for every sport. So if you and your partner have already decided to go with a sports-themed wedding, you really can't go wrong with sporty bobblehead cake toppers.

3. Go unconventional

If celebrity brides can wear unconventional wedding dresses, you can also put your own spin on classic wedding traditions to make it a truly signature one. Perhaps instead of flowers, you can request your bridesmaids to carry customized lanterns. You can also go big and opt for alternative venues such as a planetarium or a theater. And of course, you can go really offbeat when it comes to your wedding toppers. Do you want World of Warcraft wedding bobbleheads? Go for it! Fancy Star Wars-inspired cake toppers? Those are easy enough to customize with bobbleheads. You can even have Alien vs Predator bobbleheads as cake toppers if that's what you and your partner like.

4. Go traditional

For some people, traditional means boring. But that doesn't have to be the case with your wedding. Also, depending on where you live, there are wedding traditions that are just worth doing. In Germany, for example, newlyweds must work together to saw a log in half. This is done in front of the guests so that everyone can see how well you and your partner can work together in the face of challenges. Or how about Australia's unity bowl wedding tradition? This is where guests are given stones they'll place in a decorative bowl at the end of the ceremony. The bowl and stones are good reminders of the support and presence of loved ones during the couple's special day. Of course, in keeping with tradition, you also need traditional wedding cake toppers. But you don't need to limit yourself to the typical monochromatic options. Wedding bobbleheads are great since you can really make them your own. Plus, you have plenty of options with the bobbleheads' poses. That means you can make the bobblehead toppers as romantic as you'd like.

5. Go seasonal

May through October are the most popular months for weddings. But you can still have the best wedding even in off-season months. The key is to be creative despite the possibility of unfavorable weather conditions. For example, if your wedding date falls in December, you can go for a Christmas theme. A Valentine's Day theme is also a good choice if you're marrying in February. No matter the season though, you have to make sure the little details are taken care of. So for wedding cake toppers, a good choice for a Christmas-themed wedding would be this couple bobblehead wearing matching Santa outfits. Another option can be this one, which is just perfect for a summer wedding. The important thing is to keep the details pertinent to the season so everything's on point.

Choosing Wedding Bobbleheads

There is no dearth of bobblehead makers online. But since this is for your wedding, you shouldn't just go with the first bobblehead company you see. Remember how you chose your suppliers? The process is the same for choosing a company that makes custom wedding bobbleheads. Read reviews, ask questions, and check if the information presented on their website is accurate. You should also consider where the company is located. Will they ship your bobbleheads on time? Should you choose another maker that's closer to where your wedding is going to be held? On that note, you should also know how long the process is going to take. Normally, the process takes 4 to 6 weeks. If you can't wait that long, then you have to make sure the bobblehead company you've chosen can accommodate rush jobs.

Custom Bobbleheads for Every Occasion

Need wedding bobbleheads? We make custom ones for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and so on. If this is your first time ordering from us, don't forget to read our How to Order page. And if you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to contact us. You can also leave us a comment here if you need more information on our bobbleheads.

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