How Personalized Bobbleheads Are Great for Sports Fans

Personalized bobbleheads have many uses, whether it be for marketing and advertising, gifts, wedding cake toppers, or just a good giggle! As sure as a bobblehead will wobble, you can be sure there's one for everyone in your life! This includes any sporting fans you may know. Just as bobbleheads have been used to boost attendance and sell more tickets for baseball games, they're a great way for your sports loving friends and family members to express their personal passion. Here are just a few reasons why personalized bobbleheads are the perfect gift for the sports fanatics in your life.

Personalized Bobbleheads as Collectibles

Personalized bobbleheads can become collectible treasures for many. Very recently, a man even donated his impressive collection of 1,500 bobbleheads to a museum! Over years, you can curate your own personal collection too, which can include models of your favorite individual team players, as well as more personalized bobbleheads of your own. You could even get a custom bobblehead of yourself in your favorite team's iconic gear! To check out our gallery of custom bobbleheads to get some ideas for your own, click here!

BobbleHeads Have Value

In August 2014, for instance, bobbleheads were sold for prices between 600$ and 900$ on eBay alone to avid collectors. These sales aren't limited to sports enthusiasts either. 

Also, unlike beanie babies and pokémon cards, you don't have to wait around for collectible bobbleheads to go up in value for long. In fact, just last year a Marshawn Lynch bobblehead was listed on eBay for $500 only days after a free giveaway! Of course, not everyone wants to sell and make money off their bobblehead collection. For some, it's just satisfying to amass such a huge collection to admire and show off to your friends and fellow sports fans.

There's a Bobblehead for Every Sport

Nothing is too obscure! Whether you're into your NBA and are looking for a bobblehead to reflect that, or you're into baseball, motor sports or competitive cycling - like we said, there's something for everyone!

A Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

A personalized bobblehead is a quirky solution for when you're having a tough time figuring out what kind of gift to get your sports loving friend. There's no way you're going to get an adverse reaction from gifting a bobblehead. They can be funny, cute, and best of all, personally tailored to any event or personal interest. Bobbleheads make funny and original Valentine's, Christmas and Halloween and anniversary gifts. Display your personalized bobblehead proudly on your shelf, mantelpiece, or let it take pride of place in your collection cabinet if you're already seasoned bobblehead collector. Bobbleheads are versatile and creative, and make for excellent conversation starters for the passion you want to showcase as your own! If you have any questions regarding personalized bobbleheads, don't hesitate to contact us today. Also, be sure to look out for any coupon codes we might have going, as these regularly change and you don't want to miss out on any special offers!

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