Bachelor Party Ideas: Remember it With Bobbleheads!

Some would say that the most important part of the wedding for the groom and his friends is the bachelor party. It's no secret, guys want their friend to have one last shindig before the big day. If you are the best man one of your duties is to come up with bachelor party ideas. Depending on the groom this could mean a boy's night out at a favorite bar. Or something more wild and crazy like a trip to Vegas. No matter what you decide, you will want the night to be memorable. Keep reading for some great ideas for a bachelor party.

Create a guest list 

The ideal size for the guest list is around 10 people. However, there are circumstances that may require additional people. It is important that the groom is involved in creating the guest list because there may be a few guys on the bride's side of the family who will need an invite. If the party is the night before the wedding, you may need to have bachelor party ideas that accommodate last minute guests. When creating the guest list understand that not everyone will be able to attend. If planning a getaway trip you want to plan ahead and set realistic expectations in regards to cost.

Choose a fun location or theme

Whether it's a destination party or somewhere local, there are bachelor party ideas for every type of event. Fun is the ultimate goal so make sure it's something that the groom enjoys. If he is the ultimate sports fan plan something geared around his favorite team. If the sport is in season rent a suite and have the party at the event. Las Vegas is the perfect destination for a championship fight themed party. Maybe he's a music enthusiast. If so, find out when and where his favorite band is performing? This would make for the perfect guy outing. The best part of themed parties is that they can take place anywhere and focus on something the groom loves. So even if his team isn't playing locally, or his favorite band is on hiatus, the party can still go on.

Memorable bachelor party ideas 

Party favors are keepsakes to help us remember special events. Bachelor parties are no different. After you determine the theme for the party, top it off with a unique gift to the groom. Personalized bobbleheads are the perfect gift and should be on your list. Not only will the groom get a kick out of it, but one day his very own bobblehead could be a collector's item. Bobblehead's can be customized so why not have one created of the groom in his college colors, favorite sports gear, or dressed as a super hero. We hope these bachelor party ideas have you ready to plan an awesome night out. If you want to surprise the groom with a custom bobblehead, we have a wide array of styles to choose from. Contact us today so we can create the perfect bobblehead for your event.

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