Collecting 101: What're Bobble Heads Worth, Anyway?

Bobble heads are among the most popular collector's items among people of all ages. Some people have been amassing impressive collections for decades. But did you know that your vintage bobble heads could actually be worth a pretty penny? It depends on two factors:

What Is The Supply?

How many of your collector's items were produced? How many of those produced are still in existence? These questions play a huge factor into how much your item will be worth. For example, if your item was given out at a sporting event ten years ago, it is likely that there were thousands distributed, and that many of these are available to purchase for a nominal price at a retail store. Because of this, your item would not be worth the same amount of money it might be worth a few years from now. Time is a huge variable with supply. The more time that has passed since the item came into your possession, the fewer identical items are probably out there in the world. You should be able to easily find out when your item was made by looking up its serial number or researching the dates of sporting-related promotional events. 

What Is The Demand?

Demand measures how much people want your item. It doesn't matter how rare your item is if there isn't at least one person willing to put a price on it. As in supply, time is a huge factor in demand. The longer its been since your item was distributed, the more likely it is that someone will place a higher value on it. Vintage collector's items typically have a high value in the marketplace because of people's nostalgia for bygone eras. If you have memorabilia that is part of a cultural movement or touchstone, it could be very valuable. Demand is also increased depending on location. There are some items that are only available in the United States, and some that are only available in Europe or Asia. People in these areas are more likely to pay a higher price to purchase the item from another region because it is not available where they are. 

Are Your Bobble Heads in Pristine Condition?

But above all else, the condition of your item is key. Even if supply is low and demand is high, mint-condition items fetch more money than damaged items. Ideally, your item would be untouched, still in its box or wrapping. Items like these can sometimes go for thousands of dollars more than similar items that have no packaging. Obviously, if your item is unrecognizable, it will be hard to sell it. It comes down to the concept of bobble heads as a collector's item. A lot of people want to collect them to display them in their homes. An item that has suffered extreme wear and tear does not have any place on a collector's shelf. Bobble heads make a fantastic gift for friends, spouses, and children! Contact us to learn more about how you can custom order one today! 

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