Custom Golf Bobbleheads: Great Gifts for Golf Lovers

Are you looking for a great gift for the special golfer in your life?

Don't know much about golf? You probably have no idea what they might want from the pro-shop. If you're familiar with golf you know a set of clubs is something a golfer wants to pick out for themselves. Where does that leave you? Don't just get them another box of golf balls. It's a boring gift and other people will probably get them the same thing. Get them something unique and fun. Here's a great idea: custom golf bobbleheads! You can bet no one else is getting them something so different! If you're looking for the perfect gift for the golf lover in your life, look no further than customized golf bobbleheads. Read on and find out why these make such great gifts.

Golf bobbleheads are a fun, custom gift everyone will love

Not sure if a golf bobblehead is the right gift for the golf lover in your life? Bobbleheads are a classic gift. Though they've been around for years, they've only increased in popularity. The LA Dodgers head of ticket sales said their bobblehead giveaway nights sell better than any other regular game! That's no surprise. Bobbleheads are a nostalgic novelty, instantly adding a touch of fun to a desk or shelf. That's why everyone loves them so much! You could always just buy a bobblehead of your golf lover's favorite player. Wouldn't it be more fun to get something even more meaningful?

A bobblehead is a great way to commemorate a huge golf milestone

Did your favorite golf lover just win a tournament? Maybe they scored a hole in one! That kind of accomplishment can't go unnoticed. Get them a custom bobblehead to look just like they did during the winning shot. Grab a picture of them taken during that special day. You can have the bobblehead customized with clothes matching what they wore. They won't believe it when they see that amazing detail. On the base where the bobblehead stands, add a description. Maybe "Dad's First Hole in One!" or the date of the tournament win. They can display this proudly on their desk. Surely, they'll love to tell the story about their big win whenever people ask about the bobblehead! There are other great reasons to give someone a customized bobblehead.

Grandparents would love a bobblehead of their grandkids

So do aunts and uncles! Sure, you can send another school picture of your kids to family members. You can frame a picture of your teenager holding their clubs from their high school golf team. Pictures are so boring, though! How many of those do they have on their bookshelf collecting dust? A customized bobblehead of your child in their golf team uniform is a lot more fun. It's a much more unique and memorable gift. Your family members will love to receive a keepsake bobblehead that represents the hobbies your kids enjoy. Someday if you're child becomes a professional golfer, that bobblehead might be worth something! Have your kid autograph the bottom in permanent marker for a fun touch. That's the great thing about customized bobbleheads- you can get really creative!

Customize a bobblehead to look like their favorite player

Sure, there are lots of golf bobbleheads that are being manufactured right now. However, getting a pre-made bobblehead doesn't leave you with many options. Often, only the most popular, current golfers have bobbleheads in their likeness. Looking for a bobblehead of a former professional golfer? Good luck scrolling through eBay for hours! Hopefully, you won't end up paying an arm and a leg. Luckily, with the ability to customize, you can make the bobblehead of your dreams! Want a bobblehead of famed pro-golfer Jack Nicklaus? You don't have to just find a generic vintage one somewhere online. You probably remember his 1980 PGA win like it was yesterday. Who could forget him tying Walter Hagen for most championships won? Why not customize a bobblehead replica of Nicklaus from that tournament? If the bobblehead you've been eyeing is sold out online, customize a similar one! As you can see, there are so many options for your customization.

How the customization process works

When you're finally ready to create this great gift, make sure you've got a photo handy. You have to have a straight on headshot of the person you're basing the bobblehead on. It's also a great idea to have a photo of their profile. Having a few photos to upload helps the artist create the best work possible. From there, decide on what kind of pose you want your bobblehead to have. They can be posing with their club, mid-swing, standing with their club bag. You name it! Then fill in all the major details like hair and eye color. After that, move on to the fun, little details. Add glasses or a hat. Is your golfer also a southern gentleman? Top his bobblehead with a cowboy hat! Customize your bobbleheads outfit. Upload a photo of a company or school logo to display proudly on their shirt. Decide if you want something special printed on the base like a date or title. Once you put together the perfect bobblehead, you just place your order! You might like your bobblehead so much that you decide to make a few duplicates. One to give and one to keep!

Are you looking to get a bobblehead for the golfer in your life?

We can help! Whether you want your bobblehead mid-swing or driving around on a golf cart, we've got you covered. Interested in learning more about bobbleheads and why they make great gifts? We've got some great blogs for you! Need a gift for the CEO of your company? Check out our blog, "Spice up Your Workday with a Custom Bobblehead. " How about, "The History of Bobbleheads: Where Did They Come From?" Finally, if you love golf bobbleheads as much as we do, we'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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