Going to Work? Spice Up Your Workday With a Custom Bobblehead

No one wants to work, but everyone knows you can't just bang on the drum all day. However, you can spice up your office space with a custom bobblehead!

Soften Up Your Image

Are you known as the office grump? Imagine if you have a custom bobblehead or two sitting on your desk. They're conversation pieces so if you have a frown that you don't turn upside down very often, use a few bobbledheaded friends as a social crutch. Show the rest of the office that you're fun. No matter what type of custom bobblehead you go with, people will start to see your softer side. After all, having a sense of humor has been proven to boost morale in the workplace.

Pick Your Favorite Players

If you're a big sports fan, show it off. Especially if you're rooting for the home team, you'll have the support of the rest of the office. You don't have to choose the most typical choices — you can choose the players that you are personally a fan of. All you need is a photo! Pick a player with potential or a favorite from your childhood. You never know who else in the office will also be a fan. It's entirely possible that you can make a few new work friends just by sporting a few custom bobbleheads on your desk. If they're not fans, you have an excuse for healthy sports debates. Who wants to talk about work anyway?

How About the Custom Bobblehead of the Month?

Looking for a way to motivate employees? Whether you have an employee of the month program or not, you can definitely spring for a custom bobblehead of the month. Imagine how motivating it will be to gift the best member of the team a bobblehead of themselves. That beats a boring plaque any day. Also, it encourages people to have a sense of humor about themselves. Sure, they're impressive enough to win the prize, but they're still a bobblehead. The whole office will get to laugh alongside them while celebrating.

Bring Your Pets to Work

Chances are you aren't allowed to bring your dogs or cats into the office with you in real life. You have a few pictures, but they don't really do them justice. Work with your pets alongside you by creating custom bobbleheads of them. It'll be just like having them there. The rest of the office will love them so much they'll want to do it too. Of course, yours will be a lot cuter than everyone else's custom bobbleheads.

Create Branded Swag

You can make a bobblehead of your founder or your company mascot if you have one. If you don't, this will give you an excuse to get the branding and marketing department on top of it. If you don't want to wait, why not create a bobblehead with your favorite character wearing a t-shirt with the company logo on it? It might even get you some points with the boss. Ready to order? Of course, you are! Click here to get started!

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