Head to Toe Custom

Our fully customized head to toe custom bobbleheads option allows you to design your bobblehead from scratch. All of our designs allow you to choose hair and eye color and complexion as well as having the face made to match a photo that you send in. However, the custom models also allow you to choose the clothing as well. This is a great option of you cannot find a bobblehead from our collection that suits you. There is also the option to have a person with a small or large background behind them. You can choose a couple, threesome or a couple with a baby. You can also choose a group of four or five meaning that you can have a family set or group of friends made up. It is even possible to have a pet dashboard bobble head made as well, completely to your specification. Although this fully customized option can be dearer, it is a great way to get a bobble head which looks as like a real person as possible. With the photo making their face realistic you are almost there, but by choosing the clothing yourself you will be able to get a really accurate representation.

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