What are the steps to order your custom bobbleheads, Canada?

They say everyone is a kid by heart. And this is surely true! With the daily responsibilities and stress, we might forget that there is a kid inside us who wants to enjoy, be happy, and cherish the precious moments of life. However, small memories or gifts play a critical role in helping us celebrate the kid inside. Imagine you get a lovely gift from your close friend or relative on your birthday. Won’t your face light up with happiness? The concept of sharing love through gifts is an old one and exists to date bringing satisfaction and content for the receivers. If you are a giver, what better gift for your loved ones than custom bobbleheads, Canada? 

What is a custom bobblehead?

In simple terms, custom bobbleheads, Canada, can be described as a figurine comprised of a disproportionately massive head that is mounted atop a spring. This allows the head to bob up & down or right to left, depending on how you want it made. It is often created as the caricature of any famous personality. When it comes to the customized version of the bobbleheads, you get access to a bobblehead that has been customized as per your needs. You can get it made in your image or someone you love. You can also get them customized with unique looks like batman sitting atop an airplane or spiderman in blue dress, etc. 

How can I order custom bobbleheads in Canada?

Now, ordering your custom bobbleheads, Canada, can get a bit confusing. You surely pay a good amount to order your custom-made bobblehead, but if you do not follow the correct process to order the same, you might be stuck with an average doll that you never wanted.

So, here are some of the things that you need to remember when ordering your custom bobbleheads in Canada.


It is critical that you do proper research on your part before ordering your custom bobbleheads, Canada. You might not want to be stuck with a seller that doesn’t create quality bobbleheads with shipping costs that are way out of your budget. It is critical that you look through the reviews and judge whether the services provided by the custom bobblehead creator is at par with your requirements. 

2-Standard Body:

If you do not want to pay for complete customization, you can go for the standard body. This type of custom bobbleheads, Canada, provides you access to a pre-made bobblehead body that can be customized with your face. The head of this bobblehead will be replaced with your picture while the rest remains same. With the pre-made bodies, the style or pose of the body cannot be changed. However, you can surely find several customizable options like color modification for clothing, addition of logos, or addition of any base text. 

3-Upload your best picture:

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that your bobblehead is as good as your picture. You cannot expect the creator to craft the perfect bobblehead from a photo that is hazy, dark, or just houses your side profile. In order to avoid any mismatch, you need to provide a clear picture of yourself or the one for whom you are ordering the bobblehead. Here are some of the recommendations that will help you select the best photos.

  • Imagine you are being photographed for a criminal profile. This allows the creators a chance to craft the perfect bobblehead without any error. You need to click your front profile, right profile, left profile, as well as rear profile. 
  • Try to avoid pictures with no visible face, dark pictures, extreme close-ups, or blurry photos. 

4-Fully-Customized Bobblehead:

Another option you can choose according to your budget is the fully-customized bobblehead. This particular option allows a complete head-to-toe customization. Say for example you have a photo of yours in a red dress and you want it to be turned into a bobblehead, you can do so by opting for the full-customized bobblehead option. Opting for this option allows you to bring your memories to life in a rather funny way. The artists designated for the job will completely customize the doll from tip to toe. Depending on your needs, you can opt for single custom bobbleheads, Canada, or one with a couple, a family of 3, or maybe a family of 4. You can also opt for custom bobbleheads that represent your cherished friend's group. 

With the fully-customized option, you get a chance to customize everything from your clothes to shoes or accessories!


Keep in mind that you should always work with a bobblehead service provider who is ready for unlimited proofing to ensure that everything is modified as per your requests. This is true for both color painting as well as the clay molding processes. You are paying for something that is to stay with you for a long time. You obviously want 100 percent perfection and nothing less. So, if you follow all the processes stated above, you are surely going to get yourself the best custom bobbleheads, Canada, at a budget price.

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