Joseph Gateo

Very good communication! Love the figures


Micle Garcia

Job well done!! Thank you!!


Renae Scott

absolutely stellar customer service!


Mei Siu

Great workmanship and durable product. Arrived on time. Quick response and good communication. Happy with my purchases.


Tammy Kitterman

Great craftsmanship. My son loves his new bobblehead.


Isabella Wilson

Jane from JustBobble was exceptionally a pleasure to work with on this project of creating a Bobblehead. It was the first time I was creating one so I didn't know anything about it. It is a process so be patient with it but the overall creation is soo well worth it that the person you would ever be gifting it to will absolutely love it.The quality is very nice & she gives you as many changes & proofs until you are thoroughly happy.Jane walked me through the process. You provide pictures of what exactly you would want. Even to the point of what they would be wearing. You may have to provide more pictures as you go along but it is a whole bunch of fun doing something for someone you care about.So it is a very exciting process~just give yourself ample time so you are not rushing. I recommend this as a 10 star gift.You will loveit


Nikki Woodard

It was amazing,shipped fast,and looked just like my friend!!! It was way bigger than I thought and it's such good quality! Will be ordering again!!!


Samantha Clark

Jane was great at meeting expectations! She was responsive and ensured I was happy when I approved her work. She made appropriate changes when asked. She was awesome. Will definitely order from her again. Thank you for a great “first time ordering a bobble head” experience. I was worried but final product was awesome. Attention to the details. Thank you.


Christopher Daleen

Jane from the shop was very responsive and the sculptor did a great job incorporating my feedback. I am so excited to gift this bobble head.


Aliyah Mansour

AMAZING AND WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS ALSO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! i did ask for a lot and declined the proofs many times, but the seller was very nice and worked with me until the bobble head was perfect! the only negative thing i would say would be that it took a loooong time about from early nov until late march, but my bobble head was also custom made.


Ricardo Thompson

Wow Thank you so much, this bubble head its amazing, thank you for taking this challenge, perfect design, colors, and totally outstanding. love it, my kids love it. Speechless. Thank you again.


Michael Turner

WOW! My husband was on his way back from a deployment and asked me to find someone to make a bobble head in a week for his departing boss. What a task! But Jane and her crew were up to the task! The customer service was perfect and AMAZING! The bobble head was made so quickly and I was able to proof it! Jane even reached out to DHL to see if they could get it to me in time. Unfortunately DHL ran a day late but we knew that was a huge potential due to the island we are stationed on. I can’t say thank you enough for the amazing quality and the fast work of this shop!!! My husband is so pleased with how perfect this bobble head is! And so am I! We now have a preferred departing gift and a preferred shop to work with! We will be back for sure!!!


Nicole G

Ordered a fully custom bobblehead for one of my friends. Jane was really great to work with and sent multiple proofs for feedback and made even the smallest adjustments. I think the overall bobble turned out great because others recognize him immediately. The likeness is pretty good. It arrived intact in a perfectly fitting gift box (got a little smushed on one edge but the bobble is totally fine). I would order my next one here again!! Thank you!


Kirsty Lucas

The teachers reaction said it all! Have attached a photo. So lucky with postage, it literally arrived the day before we were giving the teacher gifts! Phew xx It was a bit and you are very talented. I will give a good review when I have a chance Thanks so much again Kirsty xx


Lily Hong

I made the cake with the topper you made. It was perfect and the birthday person loved it so much. Thank you so much for your fabulous job! And I'm planning to order another one for my wedding anniversary too. The service is so good I'm going to spread the words for your business.😊



For the purpose of data protection, we will publish the figure only slightly unrecognizable. We had chosen our doll - from head to toe and a man. The doll has become very good. The clothes were also reworked original and also painted correctly. It is an excellent job. The staff and I had a busy email correspondence. All questions, changes or requests were handled without a problem. Our guests are always very enthusiastic and also find this similarity amazing. It should be remembered that these dolls are made by hand. It is a handcraft from head to toe. High esteem for these employees, who craft these dolls so perfectly on such small heads and figures by hand. It's really a great achievement !!! ::::: Next, I'll have our dog made. At the end of December - beginning of January I will publish it with a photo.


Michelle Duggan

I could not be more happy with the whole process of creating this little "mini me" for my partner's birthday. I asked for revisions (bigger hair) and forgot to ask for something (earrings) and it was added later for me. Nothing was too much trouble and I looked forward excitedly to the proofs arriving. The likeness is uncanny! He loved it so much and I am sure I will be ordering more in the future. Thank you so much!!



Amazing service! You get update at each stage of the process so I was able to get an idea of what needs to be done and what it looks like during the process! Had issue with postage by post office but Brad from customer service has been amazing and helping me with it!


Natasha Calafate

We were very impressed with the quality and likeness. Customer service was a breeze and very professional. Well done! Keep up the good work!


Astrid Vogeler

You will hardly believe it, there is a knock on the door at noon this afternoon: There is a Chinese (hard to believe!) and brings our figure. Now he (not the Chinese man) stands on our commode and can be given away the day after tomorrow. In the background you can see a report of the local Kieler newspaper about the typhoon in Hongkong Look at the fotos! Many Thanks again!


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