Heather Hauptman from Los Angeles, CA

We are very pleased with the outcome of the custom bobbleheads Yes Bobbleheads has made for our North American Skull Base Society meeting event. We will return for sure, and many thanks!


Eric Wharton

It's so much like both of us and now we're bringing it with us wherever we go. :) Thanks a lot for your great work!


Rob Yost

My daughter loved this little doll so much and we continued to make more bobble heads for all our other kids in our family.



I truely loved the likeness Yes Bobbleheads has achieved for my doll, it feels like it's even happier than the real me, lol. :) A big recommendation to you all!


Linda Shields, The Jersey Shore Medium®

As I promise in an earlier email, here is the picture of my children holding their Bobble Heads they got from your company this Christmas. Everyone loved them and thank you again for a wonderful and fun product!


Renee Thater

I received the bobblehead today. It is adorable and arrived quickly. Thank you for your time and hard work Yes Bobbleheads!


Jean M. Carlo

I received my bobblehead today and it is wonderful! I am so happy with it. My boyfriend is a retired marine and I think he will get such a kick out of it. Great job achieving the likeness. Thank you!


Edgar Moreno from Coca-Cola

This is really an art piece, we all loved the fact that our family members are vividly represented in this cool doll. :) Will return for sure.


Lori Rayman

We are so happy with our bobbleheads and we came back for another 2 duplicates, thanks a lot Yes Bobbleheads for such a great job!!!


Barbara Hebert

Our Nephew loved his bobblehead. You did an amazing job. So many people have said that is looked just like him. It was a big hit at his Eagle Scout court of honor.


Desiree Guerrero from Miami, FL, USA

We ordered 8*12 sets of bobbleheads and they were quite a hit for our campaign and we came back to Yes Bobbleheads for another 8*5 sets of the bobbleheads. All turned out wonderful!


Catriona Nicol from New Zealand

Really happy with the accurate likeness and my father laughed so much when he first saw the bobblehead made for him. I can now really wish him a "Merry Christmas" and be a cool santa man. :)


Jon Olansen

My wife and I both like the Christmas style couple bobblehead very much, Yes Bobbleheads has done a great job and has provided GREAT customer service during the whole process, thanks a lot!


Jennifer Saalfrank

We are now "Making Mofongo!" as we've really wished. :)


Zahiya from UAE

My custom bobblehead is awesome and all my friends like the beautiful look it has. :)


Carolin Mash

Just received my BobbleHead today, and I LOVE IT! Good likeness & super quality work!!! Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the contact you've made with me throughout this process! Good Work! ThankYOU!


Martin Erwin

I received the superman bobblehead today and I'm SOOOOOOOOO impressed!!!!! Your work is unbelievable and you are so talented!! Thank you so much!!! You are amazing!!!!


Dina Dass

Got my super woman doll! Thank you so much! They’re fabulous.


Maegen Duran

Just wanted to let you know I received the bobble head, and it is PERFECT! Thank you!!



Super! Thanks so much, I think you provide great service and a unique product! [view the video]